Sunday, August 26, 2007

I Just Love Ol' Rockinsas...


This video needs some context, I know. Several years ago, Blake and I went to a performance of Big River. If I remember correctly, it was the stage version of Huckleberry Finn. Anyway, there was a short scene in the show where a tall, lanky guys comes out in a plaid suit. The suit was way too short, so he had highwaters. That was pretty funny, but then the guy started dancing as if he were a puppet on strings. While he was dancing, he was singing, "Arkansas, Arkansas, I just love ol' Arkansas". It was so funny that the only thing we remember about that show was that 30 second vignette. Anyway...

Cayton found this straw hat at her Meme's house and was obsessed with it for an entire weekend. She loved it so much that she felt we all needed to try it on. When Blake put it on, he started singing the Arkansas song and he did this whole swinging elbows dance with it. Cayton loved it. So, this is the video of her trying to do the same thing. Of course, to her Arkansas sounds a lot like Rockinsas. But then, she was rockin' the hat.

Side Note: You'll notice that she is wearing two dresses. That kid has style. Yeah, that's what we call it.

What Happens When Toddlers Dress Themselves...

This was Cayton's attempt to dress herself this weekend. Commendable effort, to be sure. But, I think for the time being I will be choosing her outfits when we plan to leave the house. You'll notice that she has her shoes on the wrong feet. She just doesn't believe me that there is a right shoe and a left shoe.

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Short Term Mental Vacation...

I have been a bit "off" the last couple of days and I'm starting to think that it's time for a mental vacation. Given my choice, I would prefer a vacation that would change my actual physical location. But, in a pinch, changing my mental location will work.

To this end, I have tried to find ways to take a break from my routine to spend some time alone. I've started going on walks around the neighborhood with my vicious Sophie and that has been great. I borrow Blake's iPod, find the 2 or 3 artists that we both like and walk my way to a clearer, more focused mind. For some reason, the half hour that I spend exploring my own mind tends to give me a much more positive outlook. For a few minutes at least, anything seems possible. The music, most usually something upbeat, quickens my step and the endorphins stick with me for a surprisingly long time afterward.

Sadly though, it seems lately that my mental vacations have ocurred spontaneously while I am at work. I find myself staring at a wall or thinking about what I'll do when the workday is over. My mental self seems to check out the minute I park the car (which is kind of dangerous given the out of control construction downtown).

Hopefully, summer blues that I seem to get every year will let up soon. Until then, if I seem weird, I'm just taking some STMV time.