Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Um, what?

Um, so, this past week really beat me down. I was coasting along, dealing with life pretty well. And then, wham! Out of the blue, about five different traumatic events leveled my sense of peace. So, now, I am spending my days kind of nervous and scared, waiting for whatever is next. Hopefully it will just be something nice and easy, like maybe a girls' night out or something. Although, with my recent luck, I doubt my friends want to hang out with me right now. Guilt by association...

Anyway, here is a quick day-by-day run down of the shite storm that hit last week.

* Thursday, February 26, 2009: I was talking to Blake at dinner, just sort of machine gunning the conversation since I had been with the kids all day. I know, as is his custom, that he was catching about every tenth word. But, he did perk up when he heard, "I really cannot stand the taste of sweet tea right now". I think he stopped his fork about chin level, looked right at me, and said, "Oh God.You are SO pregnant".

I was completely convinced that he was crazy, but when he pulled the car in at Walgreen's, I figured he was seriously in need of proof that he was indeed wrong. I thought that I would humor him sinceI was completely convinced that there was nothing to worry about. No problem. Fifteen minutes later, Blake was chasing me around the house trying to make sense of my hysterical gibberish. I think there was something in there about being a total hillbilly, delivering two babies in consecutive years, and how I was going to get my standard issue bubba teeth from the Hillbilly Association of America any day.

After I calmed down just a bit, I called my sister and totally freaked her husband out when he answered the phone. As an aside, I think men are universally afraid of a hysterical crying woman. Luckily for me,my sister calmed me down a bit and then started making fun of me. For some reason, being the butt of my sister's jokes really soothes me. Maybe that's just the kind of abuse I am used to.

* Friday, February 27, 2009: Since there were some potential issues with the pregnancy due to what was obviously a faulty pregnancy prevention method, I called the doctor. Over the next maybe five hours, I experienced what would normally unfold over several weeks at the beginning of a pregnancy. I visited the doctor, gave everyone a good laugh (and several "better you than me" moments), got an ultrasound, saw my new baby, and heard his/her heartbeat, fell in love with him/her and spent a fair amount of time in tears. To say the least, it was a little more drama than I am used to.

*Saturday, February 28, 2009: Left town for a week.

*Thursday, March 5, 2009: Returned to Tulsa. Noticed that Cayton was not quite right.

*Friday, March 6, 2009: Visited the pediatrician twice with both kids. Vivi had a double ear infection. Cayton had the rotovirus (rough stomach bug)which landed her in St. Francis' Children's Hospital due to dehydration. Poor little thing was so miserable. I could tell that she was getting so, so sick because she was incoherent. I tried asking her questions, and she couldn't even answer me. Even if she wanted to, her words came out in a thin, baby whisper.

In most cases, I wouldn't be able to talk about one of my babies going to the hospital. But, I actually was relieved when the doctor put her in because I knew that Catie girl would feel so much better. There is really nothing worse feeling than nauseous, so I welcomed the news that she would be getting some anti-nausea drugs.

The good news is that she responded to the IV fluid and meds really well and recovered quickly. She only had to stay in the hospital overnight and part of the next day. We were all so happy to gather up our stuff and head home. Cayton was pretty excited to be going home with a brand new Leapster 2.

So, if you are keeping track, in one week I found out that there will be a Doerr baby #3, I went on a mini-vacation, both my girls got sick and then Cayton ended up in the hospital. One week! Maybe this was the Good Lord's way of saying, "See? Being pregnant again is OK. You'll be fine." Of course, I did NOT receive an additional college fund, but I'm sure HE is working on that...

I would like to say a special thank you to my fabulous sister and my amazing mother for helping me out through the pestilence that befell our house last week. I love you both SO much.