Sunday, November 25, 2007

This is How He Does It

This is a conversation that took place in our house last week. We were talking about divorce, not about getting one, just in general.

"God, I think that would be so awful. I just couldn't imagine dealing with everything that would entail," I said.

"Yeah, after 16 years I finally figured out one woman, I wouldn't want to start all over".

"Oh really. When exactly did you get me figured out?"

"Well," said Blake, with not a little hint of "smart ass" in his voice,"you have to admit, I'm coping!"

There you have it folks. The secret to a happy marriage: coping skills. Could be it's the secret to a marriage to me...

But, after I put the verbal smack down on Blake, I thought about what he'd said and I think I extracted a bit of truth out of his words. I'm pretty sure that in any relationship, romantic or otherwise, there are times where you have to hunker down and persevere if you want the relationship to endure.

So, you all be sure to look out for the Blake and Charla "how-to" marriage book coming to a store near you.

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Happy Halloween

Here are a few shots from Cayton's trick or treat fun. She was quite a candy gathering pro. I wasn't sure if she would understand the procedure, but she had it totally under control. She would head right up to the front door of any house and say "trick or treat!" Then, she would hold up her pumpkin and wait for the goodies. Of course, since she's militantly polite, she would yell "Thank you!" as loudly as possible. Then, she would wait for a "You're welcome". If she didn't hear it, she would repeat "Thank you" until she did. For the record, "You bet" is not an appropriate response to "Thank you" as far as my baby girl is concerned. Either you pony up with a "You're welcome", or you're going to answer to this 3 foot tall etiquette nazi.

With Daddy at HallowZOOeen

A Cowgirl and her Horse

Check out the Spiffy Outfit

Cowgirl is Tired!!!