Monday, September 17, 2007

This is the LAST Time...

For those of you that don't know, Blake and I are expecting Doerr baby number two. Actually, I'm doing all of the expecting and Blake's just looking sympathetic. Which is good considering that the new baby obviously hates my guts and is taking his/her revenge on them (the guts). I have been sick for about three weeks and I am SO done with this. I keep waiting for the yuck to let up, but I'm so upset about the nausea that I swear I have psychosomatic nausea. I may have to go back to therapy in order to get rid of my anticipatory anxiety. Anyway, I've laid down the law. This is the last natural born baby Doerr for me. Any future children will have to come from Cambodia or whatever country is in vogue then.


Cayton, as if sensing that I'm not doing well, has been extra cute. Such is the nature of these manipulative little beasts. Anyway, I caught a few good shots of her trying her Halloween costume. I also happened to catch her working over the beater from the stand mixer after I made cream cheese frosting.